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Drain cleaning

Is your water backed up by a clogged drain? Let us professionally clean your drains! 

water heater

Our licensed professionals make the process of installing or replacing your existing water heater easy and convenient.

water lines

Prevent your home from damaging leaks. Let us reroute water lines to get ahead of devastating leaks.

slab leaks

A leak in the foundation of your home is one of the most damaging leaks there are. Let us tackle this problem, and repair this leak before it becomes devastating.

sewer leaks

Slow drains that produce an unpleasant sewer odor are a sign of a sewer leak. We can take care of this to get your house back to normal.

setting fixtures

Sinks, faucets, showers, fixtures see everyday use, which is why it’s particularly frustrating if there is an issue with one. Our experts can replace and install plumbing fixtures in your home.

PRV installations

If your water pressure is too high a pipe could burst, if your water pressure is too low, you could be experiencing problems with your appliances. We install and repair pressure reducing valves, let’s get your water pressure back under control.

water softeners

Water Softeners protect your house from the damage hard water causes. We service and install water softeners, have a problem with yours? Call us today. 

Who We Are

Welcome to the official DrainWorks Plumbing website serving San Antonio. We take our business of serving customers very seriously and realize that with plumbing, any issue is never suitable for you. As soon as we receive a call from a client in need, we work hard to create the entire process as simple and easy as possible. From the time you telephone to the completion of your plumbing repair or installation, our aim is to never overlook any detail along the way. It’s DrainWorks Plumbing’s mission to be the best and most reliable plumber in San Antonio!

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