Backed-up drains and broken sewer pipes are a nightmare that almost every homeowner is faced with at some point. These problems can cause little annoyances like a slow-draining tub or completely devastating situations like a flooded kitchen. Not to mention the smell and germs that clogged sinks cause.

If you’re having issues with your drains, the experts at DrainWorks can help with our drainage cleaning services. Our licensed San Antonio plumbers are highly skilled in a wide range of plumbing services and go above and beyond to give every customer the best experience possible

Slow and clogged drains

Standing in dirty water while you shower, waiting for used dishwater to disappear, and smelly dishwashers that don’t drain all the way – these are all signs that your drains need a good cleaning. All kinds of things can cause clogging like hair, leftover food pieces, or sediment buildup from unfiltered tap water. Whatever the reason is, we can find out exactly where the clog (or clogs) is and make sure every drain in your home is working the way it should be. Check out our Drain Cleaning Services to learn more about our clogged drain services in San Antonio.

plunging kitchen sink

Backed-up and leaking sewer pipes

When the problem goes deeper than the pipes in your home, our sewer repair experts can help you find the best solution. Common issues we see in the San Antonio area include line damage from tree roots, movement from expansive soils, and corrosion. Read more about the signs of sewer problems and the sewer cleanout services we offer throughout San Antonio on our Sewer Repair page. 


Find out what’s causing your plumbing problem

Stop dealing with drains that don’t work. Reach out to our drainage cleaning team in San Antonio today to discuss your situation with us. We’ll schedule your inspection, diagnose the cause of the problem, and provide a quote for the best solution.