Sewer line leak detection in San Antonio.

Broken or clogged sewer lines pose a much more serious problem than a backed-up sink or tub drain. If not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, the consequences are pretty gross. Without sewer line leak detection, your San Antonio home could end up with sewage in the yard and floor drains. Read on to learn more about what causes your sewer lines to fail and the signs that indicate when to call an expert.

Common cause of sewer line leaks.

As with any underground utility line, nature is the ultimate rival. The only sewer line issues that don’t happen because of natural causes are usually due to improper digging. (Which is why it’s so important to call before you dig!) The rest of the time, sewer damage typically happens from:

  • Tree roots that pierce or crush the line.
  • Natural disasters like floods or earthquakes.
  • Inevitable corrosion that happens over time.

Signs that you need a repair professional.

Sewer line leaks are a little harder to diagnose. Constant running water noises, moist floors, or cracks in concrete around your home can indicate a pipe leak somewhere. Sewage backup in your San Antonio home or yard are also signs of a clogged or broken main line. However, an inspection is necessary to determine the exact root of the problem. It’s time to schedule a sewer line leak inspection with our San Antonio team if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Multiple drains backing up.
  • Sewage in your floor drains.
  • Evidence of sewage in your yard.
  • Water backing up into your shower when you flush.

Schedule an inspection with one of our experts.

Whether you’re dealing with main line clogs or a pipe leak, San Antonio’s sewer line leak detection experts at DrainWorks will find it and fix it. Reach out to our team to schedule a plumbing inspection. Once we diagnose the problem, we’ll help you determine the best plan of action to get your sewer system working right before it causes serious damage.