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Reclaim your oasis with bathroom plumbing solutions!

Flushing Troubles Away: Elevate Your Bathroom Pipes

Bathroom Plumbing Services In San Antonio

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. It’s where we bathe, brush our teeth and do our most important business. Being a location of such importance, the team here at DrainWorks feels that all of our customers deserve a reliable bathroom built with components that are meant to stand the test of time.

With our product offerings from brands like Moen, Delta and Kohler, it’s guaranteed that any bathroom service you receive from us will be done to a standard that’s nearly impossible to match.

Most Common Bathroom Repairs

A bathroom is a pretty simple room. Despite this simplicity, our team takes pride in knowing everything there is to know about it. When it comes to problems in the bathroom, we’ve seen it all and there isn’t a repair we aren’t capable of. Below are some of the most common repairs our techs find themselves carrying out in bathrooms all across San Antonio.

Leaky Faucets

Few elements of your home’s plumbing get as much use as your bathroom faucet. Day in and day out, being turned on and off from the near-constant hand washing and teeth brushing is bound to cause some wear and tear on its components. Over time, the seal of your closed faucet will start to weaken and become less effective.

While a leak happening directly into a drain might not seem like an urgent problem, it does represent wasted water and can subtly cause your water bill to increase each month.

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Clogged Drains

There’s no question that a clogged drain can be a major pain. A partial blockage can cause slow drainage in your sink which can extend your time in the bathroom and make your sink difficult to clean. A total blockage can render a sink useless or cause flooding.

Not to mention that a shower can quickly start feeling like a bath when water backs up into your space! Our drain unclogging services can take care of these issues in no time at all!

Running Toilets

Similar to a running faucet, a running toilet represents a problem that seems insignificant but can work to subtly increase your utility bill. As toilet experts, the team here at DrainWorks will revamp your toilet plumbing and have it running like new.

Faulty Flushing Mechanisms

We’ve all dealt with a toilet that requires some extra steps to make run properly. However, you shouldn’t have to wiggle a handle, hit the side of the tank and say a prayer in hopes that your toilet will flush its next go around. If you’re dealing with a toilet that doesn’t flush properly — every single time — we can help.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking bathroom pipes can be prime real estate for the growth of mold and bacteria. In cool, dark places like under the sink, a bit of excess moisture is all that’s needed to start a mold and mildew infestation.

Fortunately for you, our team is the best in the business at all aspects of leak detection, and we guarantee to find any leak in your system and have it fixed before you know it.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be caused by any number of issues and they all lead to the same annoying, inconvenient result. Low water pressure can turn a relaxing shower into a taxing chore and make every other water-related task far more of a hassle.

Regardless of what’s causing your low-pressure problems, our team can identify the issue and bring your pressure back to where it should be.

Toilet Replacement

The average person spends a whopping 73 hours per year sitting on the toilet. That’s a lot of time sitting in one place, so when it comes to your toilet at home, you deserve one that truly feels like a throne.

If you’re tired of dealing with constant problems or simply want to revamp the best chair in the house, DrainWorks is the toilet plumber for you.

Sealing And Caulking

Because so much water is used in your bathroom, the seams and joints of all your fixtures must be properly sealed. Anything less could allow water into areas it shouldn’t be — creating places perfect for mold and bacteria growth.

Your Bathroom Plumber: Winter, Spring, Fall & Summer

We firmly believe that your home’s bathroom should be a predictable retreat of comfort and cleanliness. When you’re experiencing bathroom plumbing issues, call DrainWorks to restore your peace.

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