San Antonio slab leak detection and water pipe repair

Stepping in mud every time you leave home or hearing water running when you’re not even using any? It might be time to get concerned. Slab leaks are a common problem in San Antonio homes because they typically have slab foundations built on unstable, expansive soils. These foundation leaks should be taken seriously before causing a whole mess of hazards from ruined floors and mold growth to complete foundation failure. That’s why Drainworks offers plumbing leak detection services in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

What is a slab leak?

Not to scare you, but slab leaks in San Antonio can be a little dangerous. A lot of homeowners brush the signs off but leaving this kind of leak alone could lead to serious structural damage. If water is leaking under your home’s foundation, it’s washing away the dirt that your foundation depends on for stability. Ignoring a slab leak ends up being a way bigger, more expensive problem than getting it fixed right away.

Slab leaks, or foundation leaks happen when water is escaping from the copper pipes that run underneath your concrete slab foundation. The leak itself can be caused by several problems like faulty installations, weak water lines, or shifting soils that eventually crack your pipes.

Signs that you might have a leak

Plumbing leak detection is important as slab leaks in your San Antonio property are hard to find without proper training, contributing to the reason that they get ignored so often. However, there are warning signs that you should be calling a professional to check out.

  • A spike on your water bill
  • Mold growth on walls or floors
  • Hot or cold spots on walls or floors
  • Water damage stains in your home
  • Any pooling water around your foundation
  • Sounds of running water when everything is off

Need help from an expert?

The team at DrainWorks aren’t just Master Plumbers, we’re Master Customer Service professionals, too. We pride ourselves on helping homeowners as quickly and efficiently as possible. DrainWorks in San Antonio offers plumbing leak detection and repair services to residents in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. If you have signs of a slab leak, we can diagnose it. If it is a leak, we’ll go over  your repair options with you so you can make an informed decision on the best solution.

Call us at (210) 255-1114 to ask us any questions you have and schedule a time for us inspect your home.