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closeup of a camera screen while plumbers perform a camera inspection in a sewer line
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Get a good look at your sewer and water lines with cameras!

Plumbing Camera Inspections In San Antonio

Efficient Sewer Camera Inspection Services

With the rise of modern technology, cameras are used everywhere! From medical procedures to family portraits, photography and videography have become a crucial part of the 21st century. You may not be aware, but specialized cameras can also be used to navigate problems within your plumbing system.

Here at DrainWorks, we may not be professional photographers. However, we are a team of reliable plumbers who know how to conduct professional sewer camera inspections! This minimally invasive process will resolve plumbing issues within your system, boosting its overall efficiency.

closeup of a camera screen while plumbers perform a camera inspection in a sewer line

How Do Sewer Line Camera Inspections Work?

During an inspection, our San Antonio plumbers will inspect your plumbing system and look for an access point to your sewage system. They’ll use a waterproof camera on a long cable to navigate the inside of your sewer line.

This technology is connected to a large monitor, which allows our professionals to view your system in real-time. Since the device is high-resolution, our team will move it throughout your sewer system and inspect it for potential problem areas. This process can assist with sewer line repairs and other services.

What Problems Do Plumbing Cameras Identify?

Plumbing cameras are extremely useful for identifying issues within your system. This technology utilizes high-definition features to diagnose problems within your sewers and pipes. A few common damages this device can detect include:

  • Cracks
  • Drainage issues
  • Punctures
  • Corrosion
  • Clogs and buildup

When you entrust our team with your piping, you can feel confident knowing that we’ll carefully assess the state of your system. With our efficient technology and skills, we’re prepared to tackle any problem with your plumbing.

When To Schedule A Sewer Camera Inspection

Having an experienced San Antonio plumbing company perform a sewer inspection is an efficient way to find the source of irritating issues. If you’re unsure if you need this service, a few factors can help you determine when to contact our professionals for assistance.

Your Current Pipes Are Old

Your pipes are made of durable materials. However, they’re prone to experiencing wear and tear as they age. The material may corrode and crack with time, compromising the efficiency of your system. Our specialized technology allows our team to get a closer look at the material to ensure it’s in excellent condition for your home.

You Have Lots Of Trees Around Your Home

Tree roots tend to grow towards sewer pipes, putting pressure and weight on the outdoor lines. Your sewer system contains water, essential nutrients and oxygen – components that plants crave.

Tree roots can damage your plumbing system and pierce the material. When this collision occurs, it can create clogs and cause other issues. Ultimately, this problem will lead to costly repair fees to correct damage to your pipes. You may want to consider an inspection if you have lots of trees surrounding your household.

You’re Considering Replacing Your Sewer Line

Your sewage system may experience issues that indicate a need for replacement. When these problems occur, you’ll want to consider a camera inspection before installing a new sewer line. This process will help you determine the extent of the process and help our team determine the specific factors that will impact your home.

DrainWorks Is Your Go-To Plumbing Company In San Antonio

When you require a dependable San Antonio plumbing company, DrainWorks is here to assist you! Our industry expertise and high-quality technology make our team a top contender for camera inspections and plumbing repair. We strive to provide complete customer satisfaction during every one of our services.

Are you ready to utilize our technology and maximize the efficiency of your plumbing system? Contact us today to schedule your next camera inspection with our team of experienced plumbers!

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