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Whole-Home Repiping Services

Here at DrainWorks, we believe that a home is only as good as its plumbing. It doesn’t matter if you have the most extravagant, well-designed mansion in the world if leaking pipes destroy its foundation.

Regardless of the size, age or condition of your home, replacing faulty piping can be one of the best ways to give even the oldest, most lived-in structures a new lease on life.

While a whole home repipe might sound like a daunting task, you can feel confident leaving your home in the hands of DrainWorks. Our team will leverage three decades of hard-earned experience to provide you with the best plumbing service around.

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Signs That It Might Be Time For New Pipes

Oftentimes, you won’t know it’s time to replace your pipes because of one catastrophic failure.

Generally, these issues tend to be more of a “death by a thousand papercuts” type of situation. If faults occur with your plumbing at such a frequent rate, it will make more sense to replace the entire system rather than deal with the accumulation of dozens of more repairs in the future.

So, to give our customers an idea of when they should start considering pipe replacement, here are some key signs that it might be time.

Frequent Leaks

With any plumbing system, leaks are bound to happen. However, with a quality system, they should be fairly rare. If you catch yourself finding a new puddle every week, then it might be time to consider having all of your pipes replaced.

Discolored Water

Over time, the interior of water pipes can start to degrade. This, combined with the natural accumulation of dirt and debris inside of your pipes, can end up contaminating your water and causing discoloration.

Low Water Pressure

With aging or poorly designed pipes, enough small faults, micro leaks or the accumulation of debris along the interior of your pipes can lead to a reduction in water pressure.

Outdated Plumbing Materials

The plumbing industry has evolved over the decades and the materials used in plumbing components have evolved with it. Materials such as galvanized steel and polybutylene have become associated with various issues — it might make sense to replace them with safer, more effective materials.

Unpleasant Odors

Most of the time, a quality cleaning like the one provided by our hydrojetting service is more than adequate to remove any debris that could be causing unpleasant odors from your pipes.

However, some types of mold and bacteria can survive even the most comprehensive cleaning procedures. When you’re dealing with a stench that refuses to go away, a new set of pipes might be just the thing you need.

Visible Pipe Corrosion

Most pipes exist underneath our feet where they are impossible to see. However, if you notice corrosion on a small amount of your visible plumbing, schedule an inspection by a qualified professional.

Reduced Water Quality

The water in your home should be consistent and predictable. If you notice a reduction in your home’s water quality, such as discoloration or a subtle change in taste, it could be a sign of interior corrosion happening in your pipes — which can lead to contamination of your water.

You Won’t Catch Us Griping When You Call DrainWorks For Your Home’s Repiping

If you’re looking for a plumber in San Antonio who you know will provide a top-tier standard of service consistently, a team that always puts their customers first, then you’re in the right place. Feel confident when you pick up the phone to call DrainWorks because we’re committed to being the premier plumbing provider in all of San Antonio.

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