Water pressure reducing valve installation in San Antonio

If you get nervous and ready yourself for heavy water flow every time you turn on your faucet or hear banging when your water starts flowing, your water pressure isn’t right. This might seem like a small annoyance when you’re washing dishes, but some homeowners experience actual discomfort just from showering. There’s no reason to deal with high water pressure. At DrainWorks, our expert prv plumbing experts in San Antonio can easily and quickly install a pressure reducing valve to get your water pressure under control.

What is a pressure reducing valve?

A water pressure reducing valve is a bell-shaped device that is installed on the main water supply line. When water passes through it to the rest of your home, it flows through a diaphragm that control the pressure of the water. PRVs are easy to install and keep your water system flowing at a safe, steady level. Pressure can be adjusted when necessary to ensure that your pipes aren’t harmed.

When is a PRV installation necessary?

You might be wondering why high-water pressure is a bad thing. Most homeowners have complaints when the water pressure is too low. Well, even if it isn’t necessarily affecting your everyday tasks, too much pressure still isn’t good for your water pipes. Overexposure to high water pressure decreases the strength and lifespan of your plumbing system. This can result in broken pipes, flooding, and even broken appliances. Something as innocent sounding as water pressure can become a pretty costly problem for your property in San Antonio if not addressed by a PRV plumbing expert.

pressure reducing valve installation

Get your water pressure under control

Protect your home from a mess of potential problems. PRV installation is an easy, affordable preventative measure to keep your home’s plumbing system operating safely and efficiently. Contact us today to see if your home might need a pressure reducing valve.

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