Sewer line cleaning and repair in San Antonio.

Problems with your main sewer line are more serious and harder to detect than a drain clog. In this case, trying to use a plunger or a snake won’t get you anywhere. Plus, the symptoms and potential damages that main line clogs or leaks cause are much more noticeable – probably to the point of being an emergency.

The licensed plumbers at DrainWorks are dedicated to offering the best possible solutions, like sewer line cleaning, fast. Our San Antonio sewer repair team will get to the root of the problem immediately to help you prevent detrimental damages to your home.

Signs you have a main line clog.

It’s pretty clear when you have a clogged drain in your home. Small issues like food stuck in your disposal or some hair in your tub drain are an easy fix, but main line clogs or leaks are capable of damage that only a plumber can prevent. If you experience any of these in your home, shut your water off and schedule a main line clog inspection with our San Antonio sewer repair experts as soon as possible:

  • Multiple drains backing up.
  • Sewage in your floor drains.
  • Evidence of sewage in your yard.
  • Water backing up into your shower when you flush.
drain scope in basement

Detecting sewer line leaks.

Sewer line leaks are a little harder to diagnose. Constant running water noises, moist floors, or cracks in concrete around your home can indicate a pipe leak somewhere. However, an inspection is necessary to determine where the leak is coming from. Our San Antonio sewer repair team can figure out the source during an inspection. Even if it’s a different pipe than your sewer line, we can still repair it! Find out more about our Leak Detection services.

Find the right solution for your sewer line.

Whether you’re dealing with main line clogs or a pipe leak, the sewer line repair and cleaning experts in San Antonio at DrainWorks will find it and fix it. Reach out to our team to schedule a plumbing inspection. Once we diagnose the problem, we’ll help you determine the best plan of action to get your sewer system working right before it causes serious damage.

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