Leak detection and sewer repair in San Antonio.

Sewer line problems aren’t the same as a clogged sink or tub drain – they are harder to diagnose and have the potential to cause greater damages when overlooked. In cases where you need to find where the issue is coming from before you can fix it, you’ll need to call a professional in San Antonio for a sewer camera inspection.

tree roots in pipe

drain scope monitor

How sewer cameras work.

Sewer cameras are the most convenient way to figure out exactly what’s going on with your main line. The process is as simple as running a small, flexible hose into your pipes. A camera on the tip of the hose transmits a live feed to a monitor so any clogs, cracks, or holes in the sewer line are visible. Once the problem is diagnosed by our San Antonio sewer camera professionals, the best solution can be determined.

Problems that require a camera inspection.

There are two situations where a sewer camera inspection is especially useful: when buying or renovating a home and when sewer line issues are present. In cases where your plumbing is a constant problem in your San Antonio home, it’s beneficial to have a clog and leak detection inspection done when you experience any of the following:

  • More than one drain is clogged.
  • Foul odors are coming from your drains.
  • Sewage is present in your yard or floor drains.
  • Water backing up into your shower when you flush.

Schedule an inspection with one of our experts.

Whether you’re dealing with main line clogs or a pipe leak in your San Antonio home, the sewer repair experts at DrainWorks will find it and fix it. Reach out to our team to schedule a sewer camera inspection with one of our San Antonio plumbers. Once we find the problem, we’ll help you determine the best plan of action to restore your sewer system and protect your home from damages.