Water damage is the second leading reason for homeowners’ insurance claims, and plumbing problems are the primary cause of that water damage. Let’s face it. Stuff breaks, even the intricate system that moves water into, all around, and out of your house—especially if the pipes doing all that work have been around for a while. 


We’ve been around for more than 30 years providing our neighbors with pipe and plumbing repair, so we’ve had more than enough opportunity to see all the ways pipes can leak or fail in San Antonio. On the other side of the coin, though, we’ve had that much time to also know all the ways we can fix your plumbing when it goes farther south than San Antonio already is!

Pipes will fail for many reasons, the most common being:

  • Rust and corrosion from aging, acidic soil, hard water, and drain cleaners
  • Bursting due to extreme water pressure or extreme temperature changes (freezing)
  • The intrusion of tree or shrubbery roots
  • Friction from soil and debris moving through the pipes
  • Severe clogging
drain scope monitor

The pipes of your plumbing run all through your walls and are visible underneath your home if you have a crawl space. Often, if you have a problem with a pipe, you will see stains or even soggy patches on your drywall or on the concrete of your foundation. Failed sewer pipes will create lakes in your yard, and leaks from failed pipes in the bathroom or kitchen will puddle and warp the wood of your vanity and cabinets. Some causes of water damage are harder to detect because it occurs in pipes that are concealed in hard-to-reach areas that are not obviously visible. A decrease in water pressure may also indicate a pipe failure.

The DrainWorks Solution

No matter where the leak occurs, the licensed experts at DrainWorks will find it. Our San Antonio team provides pinpoint leak detection services and, with the use of our sewer camera, we can locate and diagnose pipe problems in no time. Whether for your home or your business property in San Antonio, we’re experts in repairs for leaking pipes and are committed to offering you the most comprehensive services and dedication to customer satisfaction throughout all of Bexar County. Once we find the leak, we’ll make it stop. Call us today to schedule your appointment! A bit of preventative maintenance is worth years of peace and security.