The majority of San Antonio homes are built on concrete slab foundations. And even though concrete is tough, it’s not indestructible. Concrete is actually very porous. That means that if you end up with some leaking water somewhere underneath your foundation, it can cause all kinds of messy problems including structural failure. If you have leaking water pipes, the best option you have is to call in rough plumbing experts in San Antonio to inspect the situation.

What is a plumbing reroute?

In simple terms, rerouting consists of detecting exactly where a leak is, stopping it, planning where to install new pipes, and rerouting the plumbing in your home to accommodate them and prevent future leaks. When it comes to rerouting pipes under a slab foundation, no two solutions will be the same. At DrainWorks, our team of licensed rough plumbing experts in San Antonio  can detect leaks, diagnose, and correct water line problems quickly. We have years of experience with slab foundations and expansive soil types in San Antonio, making us highly qualified to handle a rerouting project.

When is water line rerouting necessary?

Because it’s usually the most cost-effective solution in the case of slab leaks, rerouting is a common repair method necessary when a pipe underneath your home is letting water seep into the ground. Slab leaks are a serious problem that can’t be ignored. When left alone over time, you’ll eventually experience spikes in your water bill, mold growth in your home, potentially damaged floors, and a settling foundation.

See if your home needs a plumbing reroute

The team at DrainWorks aren’t just Master Plumbers, we’re Master Customer Service professionals, too. We pride ourselves on helping homeowners as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you have signs of a slab leak, we can diagnose it. If it is a leak, we’ll go over  water line repair options for your San Antonio property,  so you can make an informed decision on the best solution.

Call us at (210) 255-1114 to schedule an inspection with one of our rerouting experts.