If you have stinky drains that don’t drain, water that doesn’t stay hot, need new plumbing installations, or anything else in between, DrainWorks has you covered. Our plumbing contractors  are San Antonio’s trusted residential plumbing experts with diverse experience in everything plumbing-related.


We don’t just unclog drains. DrainWorks has licensed contractors in any residential plumbing repair or installation you need. Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling, or fixing up your place, we are your one-stop shop.

leaking copper pipe

Our Residential Services

Drains & Sewers

Get rid of annoying clogs and smelly, slow-moving drains.

Water Heaters

Never run out of hot water. Upgrade your model and have it installed fast.

Setting Fixtures

Add fresh touches to your current home or have your new home installed with all the best modern products.

Repairing Gas Lines

Call DrainWorks 24/7 for emergency gas line assistance.

Rerouting Water Lines

Prevent devastating slab leaks from damaging your home and foundation.

Leak Detection & Repair

Find and repair your slab leak before it causes detrimental damage to your foundation.

PRV Installations

Get your water pressure under control. Fix pressure that’s too high or too low to ensure healthy pipes and top appliance performance.

Get help from an expert.

Every plumbing contractor on the DrainWorks San Antonio team understands how inconvenient plumbing problems in your home can be. That’s why our experts are trained to be more than Master Plumbers – they’re Master Customer Service Representatives, too. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best care and quickly fixing your plumbing issues. DrainWorks offers residential plumbing services to residents in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Ask us anything by calling us at (210) 255-1114. We’ll answer your questions and schedule a time for one of our experts to visit your home.