Water heater replacement and repair services in San Antonio

One of the worst things you can hear in your home is the distressing hiss or screech of a broken water heater. Even worse is the flooding that might come after. Keeping up with regular appliance maintenance can help to avoid some issues, but every water heater is bound to need repair at some point in its lifespan.

Our experts at DrainWorks can help with all of the above. From smaller issues like sediment buildup to valve malfunctions and detrimental water leaks, we quickly diagnose the problem and work with you to find the best possible solution.

Noises your water heater shouldn’t be making

Humming, rumbling, buzzing – there are a lot of distinctive noises that indicate specific troubles with your water heater. Aside from obvious signs of failure like water leaks, listening to the sounds coming from your heater is one of the best ways to determine when you need a professional inspection. Keep reading to learn about common noises and why they typically happen.

water heater problems to look for
water heater with pliers


A vibrating hum could mean that your water heater element is loose. It’s not necessarily a cause of serious concern, but it can be fixed if the noise is disruptive.

Rumbling or Popping

These kinds of noises might be from sediment buildup. When the water in your tank boils, pieces of mineral sediment collect on element tubes over time. The layers trap water, causing it to bubble through the buildup.


Hearing a non-stop hissing noise from your water probably means there’s a leak in the water heater’s temperature and pressure valve. Any hot steam escaping is very dangerous, so we recommend calling a professional before you try to inspect it yourself.


High pitched noises that resemble screeching means water is being forced through your water heater. This could be due to a valve that isn’t opened enough. Again, there is a serious risk of steam burns with this issue, so rely on an expert to check out any screeching noises.

Find out what the problem is.

If your water heater is making any of these sounds (or other noises you don’t usually hear), schedule an inspection with San Antonio’s trusted water repair experts. Our DrainWorks team is passionate about helping people. We always go above and beyond to diagnose problems fast and we only recommend honest solutions.